Don’t Give Up

From my experience, the process of making art takes time, unimaginable work and effort and commitment. It requires that you fail again and again until you are so frustrated that you just want to give up on being an artist! But every once in a while you manage to create something awesome, in my case […]

The Muse

All of a sudden your brain is bursting with ideas. Everything seems possible and whatever you create feels like pure brilliance. You’re riding the wave of your muse. It’s a great feeling and you want to capture it in your art.

Depressed Artist

Sitting in front of the computer in the middle of the night and thinking of new things to photograph. Becoming depressed and wondering whether my pictures are good enough… Hoping I have chosen the right profession. Whenever someone says a good thing about a picture of mine I feel elated, however, if I hear a […]

The first and most important thing in the field of fine art photography is creativity. Nobody wants to see the same washed up pictures all over again no matter how good the photograph is technically. So if you’re not a creative person don’t expect to make a living out of fine art photography. You can […]


Since I started taking pictures I remember steering away from the “classic” photographs and trying to present my ideas in my own personal way. I am constantly learning from other photographers and the internet. I am a great fan of Photoshop since it allows today’s artists to express ideas in a way that was not […]